maandag 14 oktober 2013

#31DC2013 Day 07: Black & White

Noooo! This post is delayed because of the weather. What?! It was so dark the last few days that I couldn't shot a single resonable picture of my nails. I'm trying again today.

As I told in my previous post, I'm excited to post this Black & White. I really like how it turned out! Let's take a look at the pictures, shall we?

I already knew I wanted to stamp today's challenge. As I recieved a lot of stamping plates in the mail lately, I had plenty of choice for the design. I chose Essie Blanc as the base colour and stamped with Essence Stamp Me! Black.

For the thumb I stamped the tribal / aztec design from BM-402, for my pointy finger I used the chevron pattern from BM-423, my middle finger is stamped with the triangle pattern from BM-414, for my ring finger I used the houndstooth / pied de poule pattern from BM-322 and my pinky is stamped with the stripes from BM-411.

Seche Vite made everything perfect. It smoothed everything out, gave it an enormous shine and it made the black much more dark! I have to work this evening, so I expect this manicure not to last much more longer, but that's okay, because I can just continue the challenge and paint some metallic nails!

Please let me know what you feel about this Black & White manicure in the comments below!

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vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

#31DC2013 Day 06: Violet

Today's theme is violet. I'm not a huge fan of purples, but I do really like how this manicure turned out! It kinda looks like ikat, an abstract, knitted... something? Actually I don't know what it looks like... Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

For this mani I used three shades of purple (or should I say; 'violet'?). For the main colour I used Yves Rocher Améthyste. For me that is THE purple colour. For the darker violet I used Essence Passion For Fashion and the lighter shade is OPI You're Such A Budapest from the Euro Centrale collection.

Above is shown Essence Passion For Fashion.

This mini version of OPI You're Such A Budapest came in a set of four polishes included Suzi's Hungary - Again!, Can't Find My Czechbook, You're Such A Budapest and OY- Another Polish Joke!

Because it sorta looks like a knitting, its a perfect fall/winter look!

The next challenge is Black & White and I cannot wait to post that one, as I got a great idea for that challenge. But it is also a pity that I have to take these off already :(

Please let me know what you think of today's manicure by commenting below. See ya!

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donderdag 10 oktober 2013

#31DC2013 Day 05: Blue

Today I have for you a blue gradient. I purchased six of the eight Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polishes just a few days ago. I decided to wear 700 Wool Knot for Day 05.

I made the gradient with Ciaté Snow Virgin and Kleancolor Neon Aqua. Then I topped it with Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Wool Knot. Looks kinda icy.

This cold weather is really bad for my skin. My cuticles are super dry and I forgot to moisterize them :(

I loooooove the Fuzzy Coat polishes! The six colours I bought are 200 All Yarned Up, 300 Peach Fuzz, 400 Tight Knit, 600 Fuzzy Fantasy, 700 Wool Knot and 800 Tweedy. I did not buy 100 Wool Light and 500 Fuzz-Sea because they are dupes to Barry M Marshmallow and Barry M Sour Apple, which I already have. No need to buy the same polishes!

I like the way the white bar glitters show up well on the blue and the blue bar glitters show up really nice on the white polish!
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maandag 7 oktober 2013

#31DC2013 Day 04: Green

I wanted to stamp todays manicure and I immediately thought about the dollar sign image from the Cheeky Summer collection. So I did!

 I painted all my nails with two coats of China Glaze Re-fresh Mint and stamped the dollar signs with Catrice Sold Out Forever with plate CH55 from the Cheeky Summer Collection. I like those two colours together! Again, I chose a matte finish for this one, because it gives it that paper feel.

As you can see (maybe?), I made some pics with a shiny topcoat too, but I didn't like it too much. Okay, more pictures with the matte finish...

I was very astonished by the fact that Catrice polishes would stamp that well. I'm definitely trying out some other polishes from Catrice to see if they will stamp as well.

Alrighty then, one last picture for you guys!!

I hope you enjoyed this manicure as much as I do! Let me know what you think of these nails in the comments below!

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zondag 6 oktober 2013

#31DC2013 Day 03: Yellow

I'm excited to show you today's post! Todays challenge is Yellow and I did some 'cheesy' nails. My boyfriend showed me this video tutorial from ChristabellNails and I knew for sure that this would be my Yellow challenge. Her video's are so clear and the manicure was relatively easy to recreate.

For this manicure I used H&M Yellow as the base colour. The lighter yellow is Essence Destination Sunshine and for the darker yellow I mixed my base colour with a tiny bit of H&M Chica Boom Boom (yesterdays manicure). Just like ChristabellNails did, I painted a layer of matte topcoat on top to give this a more realistic look.

I figured these cheesy nails are still in yesterdays 'Dutch' theme, haha! Because cheese is a typical Dutch food.

The grass fits perfectly in this picture because without grass, there would be no cheese! I really like how these turned out and it's a shame I have to take these off real soon :(

(I'm craving for a slice of cheese right now... ;)

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zaterdag 5 oktober 2013

#31DC2013 Day 02: Orange

Pfff, the last couple of days I had to work all day 'till 9pm, so by the time I came home I was so exhausted I couldn't force myself to open a bottle of polish. But now I have a week off, so I'll be able to paint my nails more often and of course... more often!

So that was my little excuse for not posting every day, and now up to where you came for: Nails!

Today's orange and I really don't like orange. Maybe it is because it is just not flattering with my skin tone. That's why I didn't have much inspiration for this one, but I managed to make a manicure that is inspired by the Dutch soccer team. How? Well, orange is THE colour of the Netherlands, and the black & white spots reminded me of the regular soccer ball. Is it just me? Guys? Anyway, here are more pics.

The base colour for todays manicure is Chica Boom Boom by H&M. It's a warm, deep orange, opaque in 2 thin coats. Also like the formula very much! I topped it with one generous coat of Confetti by L'Oreal Paris. Lastly I sealed everything with a layer of Seche Vite.

Although my thoughts about this mani weren't my best, I did get a few compliments on it. Hope you liked this post, the yellow challenge is coming very soon!

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dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

#31DC2013 Day 01: Red

The time has come! Today I started the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, and as you all might know, the first day is Red. So I have these red nails for you today!

It's a simple V-gap manicure. The red I used is  Downtown Red from the 'Colorshow by Colorama' collection from Maybelline. The nude base colour is Cotton Candy from Essence.

I really like how the V-gap makes my nails look longer. So elegant! Deep red is a beautiful colour for fall.

It is a fresh start of the challenge, and I'm excited to create more designs for all the other days! Let me know what you think of this mani!

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